Choosing the Right Frame Material for Your Windows: A Comprehensive Guide

If you are adding on to your house or fixing it up, you might be thinking about what to do with your windows. While some people think about the size of the windows and what kind of glass to use, you should remember that the window frames are the most crucial part. In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know about frames. This includes things like what they are made of, how they let air in, and how they can be opened. Let’s jump in.

Choosing the right material

Choosing the suitable material for your frames is very important. There are many choices, so here are some things to think about.

uPVC (Plastic)

Cost: £5,000 – £15,000

Plastic frames have been a popular choice for homes for a long time because they are easy to see and understand. UPVC is a very affordable choice, the cheapest one, depending on the quality you choose. Also, they last a long time and only need a little maintenance from the homeowner.

However, make sure to buy only a few cheap frames. Very inexpensive uPVC usually doesn’t look good and is hard to fix if it breaks.

Metal Windows

Cost: £8,000 – £20,000

Frames are usually made of steel and aluminum, which are the most common metals used for this purpose. You also receive something called GRP, which is technically made of fibreglass, but has many similar properties to the other metals mentioned.

Metal is becoming more popular because it makes properties look modern and stylish. Most people think that they look better than uPVC. They also have many valuable advantages. It is a solid material that can hold heavy weight and can be made into thin frames. Plus, they require very little maintenance.


Cost: £6,000 – £20,000

If you want something that looks more like nature and is suitable for the environment, then wood is the best choice. Just like there are many types of metals to choose from, there are also many types of wood. But all wood can be divided into two categories: softwood and hardwood.

Softwood, such as Douglas fir, is a cheaper choice for people who want to spend less money on hardwood, which can cost four times as much. But hardwood lasts longer and needs less work to keep it in good condition.

Overall, wood can last as long as plastic and metal, but it needs to be taken care of. If you wait too long to repaint, the wood can get damaged from getting wet and then drying out, causing it to warp.

Composite Windows

Cost: £10,000 – £25,000

These frames are new in the UK. They are usually used in icy places like Canada. However, because many people want to save money on bills, more and more people are thinking about using composite materials.

A composite window is a strong frame that is covered with weather-proof material, usually made from a metal like aluminum. This means you like the look of wood inside, but the metal outside protects from the weather and doesn’t need much upkeep. A good choice for people who live by the ocean because it keeps them safe from sea spray.

The main problem with these frames is that they cost a lot.


How will your window open?

There are three common ways that a window and its frame can open and close.

Open-out Casements

This is the traditional window that can swing open like a door, either inside or outside the house. There are lots of different versions of this style that work for different types of homes and budgets. The most common type of window is the large casement, which is also the cheapest option. These windows are usually the least expensive because they come in regular sizes.

The Sash

If you live in an old-fashioned house in London, you have this kind of window. They open at the bottom, and half of the window goes up before stopping.

Tilt and Turn

These windows can be opened at the top or bottom. This is great if you want to keep your windows open a lot but still make sure your home is safe. They are rare in the UK, seen more in hot countries, and usually have to be custom-made.

There are other ways to style your window, but these three are the most popular.


In the last ten years, there has been a lot of focus on making homes use less energy, but one crucial thing that has been overlooked is ventilation.

Even though it might seem strange to make holes in your windows, having good airflow in your home is essential for fresh air and to prevent dampness. This can be done using a small window vent called a “trickle vent.” It has a cover to keep it closed when not in use. This can be opened and closed to let fresh air come into your home.

Replace or repair?

Before you get rid of your old windows, try fixing them first. If your windows are made of wood, they can be fixed, and it may not be expensive. Indeed, this may not be true if your frames are rotting. Also, it takes a lot of work to fix plastic frames.

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